Insert keys to bones - no curve?

Hi again, i’m doing my first animation in blender, but i came up with a problem. I don’t know why but the question is that i’ve made a character, rigged it and now i’m trying to animate it. For that i thought i was supposed to enter in pose mode, set the frame and the pose and then use a locrotscale key. The problem is that doing this i can’t see any curve in the ipo curve althought the animation is running. Can you help me please?

A second question, is there a way to render from specific frame to specific frame in the timeline, i mean, i have an intire animation but i just want to render from frame 50 to frame 70, is there a way to do that? Hope you can help me guys… Thanks.

Nevermind, i’ve figured out both situations already. Thanks anyway. :smiley: