Insert new vert only by distance to 3 or 4 reference points

Hello blender-experts,

I’am working on a small privat project I’am an absulute beginner to blender
and there is a problem for me with building a curve in 3d space
to 3d-print a new frame for a window in a boathull. I can measure the distanzes
between many points on the real objekt (the curved window glas) but I don’t know how
to get them inside blender to built an clearly defined objekt (mesh or bezire curve)
without a clear positioning in the catesien room of blender. I have 3 oder 4 referenzpoints in
the 3d-space but now I have ot insert 30 to 40 point with only having the realative
distanzes from the referenz point on the surface of the real object to the new vertecies.

Do you know a plugin or script to
do somthing like this?

a draft is seen here but without real dimensions

I think this is a solution: True-range multilateration

But I have no idea how to get it done … geometry-node, py-script?

I think here is a kind of solution
but I hope there is some solution buildin I don’t find now.

Thanks - Michael

I’am have built a first external python-script for calcutation - only some list output, maybe it is getting a real plugin in the future.