Insert partial edge loops

Hi. I have a question. I have edge A and edge B, and want to insert an edge loop between them, without affecting the surrounding edge loops. How to do that? How could you limit the edge loop ? (posted an image for refference)

one way
remove face subdivide edges and redo faces!

or split edges and use J key to add new edge

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i think i found an easy way – select the edges through which you want a new loop, then subdivide. the newly formed loop will stop at the last edges on either side (in image, the marked faces will not be affected):

yes but this subdivide in X and Y !
but it works

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One way is to use the knife tool and hold down Ctrl while making the cuts. This snaps the cut to the mid point on the edge.

Perhaps a better way is to select the polygons that you want to apply the loop cut to, invert the selection (Ctrl + I), hide these polygons (H) then apply the Loop cut to the visible polygons. Unhide the hidden polygons (Alt + H). Done.

I’m a C4D user and things like adding a loop cut to selected polygons are easy to do. Just a matter of selecting the polygons and applying a loop cut. A default tool option is to only apply the cut to selected polygons.

Press K to use the knife tool, click to add a vert, hold Ctrl to snap to center points and vertices.

That’s not a good idea though as it will create pentagons. Avoid pentagons. You should let the loop run its entire course, and redirect it as needed.

Holding ctrl while splitting loops seems ok, but the bad thing is that I need to click on every edge that intersects with the loop to get it nice. If there are many pollys, clicking 20 edges is not very fast… If I insert 2 vertices, with some distance between them, even holding ctrl won’t get me a loop…

It’s not that hard.