Inserted video (image as plane) is blurry in cycles

Hey guys, im using image as planes to put a playing video in my scene… the video is sharp…but when I use it in Blender… its blurry

The resolution of the video is more then enough (see last image)
And yes this render is low on samples… but it’s the same on higher samples.
I have tried changing the blend mode of the material but nothing changes

please advise…thanks!

set image texture node to closest

thank you for your reply @dave62 , but im not sure what you mean
this is the node setup for the image plan material

What should I change?

in the node on left where you defined your avi file
->switch the interpolation mode from linear to closest

im afraid that doesnt seem to make a difference…

This happens with this video only? If you place a simple image-frame from this video to this mesh?

It’s that glow on your video. And if your video is MPEG-4/H.264, that codec compression will also contribute for a low resolution in your scene. Best thing to do is render again your video without glow, and apply in the compositor.