Inserting Frames...?

(Squirrelt) #1

I have a 10 second animation that I have just finished and now I want to put a couple of seconds extra at the beginning but I can’t seem to figure out how to add frames to my timeline. I can’t get the green line in the ipo window to go back before frame number 1 (even though my ipo curves go off the screen to the left…ie they can exist in negative frames but I can’t select them).

Has anyone got any idea how I can add frames to the start? I want to extend the time it takes for my initial object to shrink to zero size but I have a fair few keyframes on the timeline after about frame 15 so I can’t move things along the line…or can I?


(meestaplu) #2

You can use a time IPO to add a couple of seconds to the beginning. A time IPO moves your other IPOs around in time, and allows you to compress or expand time. You can stop particles with it, and make pretty cool Matrix-type effects.

To extend the time it takes for your initial object to shrink, just make the slope of the time IPO less than 1 for the amount of time you want the shrink to take. Experiment until it looks about right. The slope is proportional to how fast time will pass for the object – 1 is normal time, >1 is compressed time, <1 and >0 is expanded time, and negative is reverse time. A slope of zero stops the object.

Good Luck!