Inserting Keys to Shapekey Driver?

I was trying out shapekeys in 2.5.6 and wanted them to be driven by the bones. But somehow i only get the 1:1 mapping from the “Generator Modifier”. I wanted to have my custom (non linear) curve/mapping. But how can i insert keys?

I read the instructions given by feelgoodcomics in this thread (, but i couldn’t find out how to insert keys in the “FCurve-Editor” when in Driver-Mode. Any trick to this, or just not working?
There is no key inserted in the GraphEditor and i can’t add any?

Have a look at this…

In it, I set up a custom curve - ‘V’ shaped - to control one shape key. You can also change the generator so you could do say 2:1 mapping. And I think by default, custom curves you create are beizer, so you can control how much they ‘ramp up’ for instance. IMO, the graph editor is very flexible.


ps - oh, I’ll also look for the answer to your other thread about hip shape keys. First time I looked for the answer, I couldn’t find it, but since I’m render right now, I got spare time to surf the net…

“Crtl+Left Click” to add a controlpoint. Someone should Include a BIG tooltip for this. How will you know, if no one tells you. :eek:

Anyways, tank your for the tutorial, even if i searched only for this tiny detail :wink:

One more thing. If i use rotation. Is the mapping radians vs influence? It’s not 1.0 for 90° nor 90.

Yep it’s radians. 2Pi radians = 360 degrees.

OK. I can life with that. But it’s really hard to snap to a transcendental number. :evilgrin:

I was a bit curious about the whole thing of adding points to curves in the graph editor so I did a bit of looking around and it’s in the wiki…

But, like you, I didn’t know about that. So I looked at the thread you have linked in the first post, the information is there as well…
As I remember that’s where I learnt it, and I remember asking FGC about this when I first started playing with 2.5


ps - Oh, btw, I’m merely posting this here now for anyone else who searches for the same info…