Inserting models into a new scene

Is there a way to insert models of things ive already made into a scene
i am making right now? For example, i made a chair yesterday and want to insert it into my new scene i made today that has a desk so i dont have to make a whole new chair. Thank You

Piece of cake, dude. Easiest way to explain this:

Open up your “chair” project, and make sure your chair’s mesh is called something obvious (like Chair)

Save your project. Open up your project where you wish to ad your chair, hit SHIFT F1 (or find Append in the FILE menu). Navigate your file browser to your chair project. You will be given a selection. Assuming your chair object is a Mesh, select “Mesh” from the list. This will list all the available meshes in your “Chair” project. Select “Chair”. Hit Enter. Voila: you’ve just “appended” an oject from another project.

Hopefully you mean “scene” as in a different file, because it’s an annoyance to copy objects from Scene1 to Scene2 in the same file.

Absolutely. A completely separate Blender project. If I’m too unclear, just do a search here for “Append” Perhaps someone else is most succinct.

I would however suggest the the selection be the chair object rather than the chair mesh, this will also import the materials and texturing of the object instead of just the mush.