inserting spheres at the vertices of a wire frame plane

good Morning!
Im animating the above image (couldnt upload the gif,) from a flat plane to what you see in the image.
I need to put “nodes” on the each vertices, they need to animate with the plane

Im trying to create a similar feel as the “plexus AE” plugin. i tried youtube tutorials and i can create stationary plane with nodes no problem, i dont know how to make them animate together.

I found a tutorial that showed me how to “make duplicates real” which gave me the individual object at the position of the vertices, but how do i parent each node to the vertices without having to individually do that at each position?

i created this with the wireframe modifier. i parented an ico sphere and duplicated verts, but i coudnt get the lines and spheres to show together. any suggestions?


Might be worth looking at particle systems for something like this. You can create a sphere, use it as a particle object and emit the particles from the verices of your plane.

You’re on the right track with dupliverts. To get both the wire and the duplis to show up, use Alt-D to duplicate the object while maintaining the links to the geometry. Use one object for the spheres, and the other for the wire.