Inset a region vs faces?

Hi, I’m pretty much a newbie in Blender and I’m trying to follow this tutorial. During the tutorial the instructor does this with “i” to inset:

I hope that image comes out clearly.

When I try to do this same thing I get this:

How do I set this to inset the region and not the individual faces?


When you use the inset tool there are additional options available to you. Press I again to toggle between region and individual faces

Also look in the toolshelf or F6 for the options as well

There are some zero-area faces (the dots on the edges), probably caused by a previous, not undone operation. That is probably altering the result of the inset.

Thanks very much, apparently the problem was with a previous modifier and not using the “merge” option for some of the array vertices which made them individual faces, therefore the inset didn’t function properly.