Inset Face distortion + weirdness

I’m about 7 minutes and 50 seconds into a tutorial on building a fire hydrant, posted here :

I’m at a point where I am using ‘Inset Face’ to create the dips in the fire hydrant. 7 of the insets look great, but the last one is giving a headache. Whenever I Inset Face on the faces, it gets incredibly distorted (pics below)

Here is the mesh I am working on, about to inset face. I’ve successfully done this on the other faces :

Here is the face inset, with a thickness of .4 :

Here is the face inset from another angle, thickness of 0 :

Any ideas what is causing this?

Select all, Ctrl-N. Might help or not.

It worked! Thanks.

Make sure when you apply inset to the 2 faces, no previously inset faces are still not selected. Remove doubles could help as can making sure default settings are being used for inset. Plus after inset is first used, when you select the next 2 faces, type I, left click, original settings are still being used,thickness/height. Repeat process. one face did have a normal facing inside as Epp said. So the faces went in odd directions when inset was applied