Inset faces that share edges

The inset tool is great, but every time I want to inset two faces that share the same edges, I have to do them manual, like in example a. If I press “I” with both faces selected at the same time, it interprets it as if I want them to share the same edge, which I don’t always want. How could I tell it to interpret my selection as if I want the faces to inset separately without just having to do them each on their own?

Here is a practical example of why someone would want to inset the faces separately. Someone may want to inset each face along a long row, but as far as I can see, the only way to really do this (unless I will be told otherwise) is to skip each one along like a pattern across the whole row, to then come back to inset the leftovers. Is there a workaround where you can inset them all at the same time without having to end up with something like in example b above? This would be a HUGE time saver. Thanks!

Press i twice, it enables individual option for the inset tool.

Inset options allow individual faces

Also not inset option on the header

Also in the original post, apply object scale (Ctrl+A) to get a uniform offset an all edges