Inset Faces

It would be great if when insetting faces, there was an option to tell Blender to keep the width of the outer inset face the same. That way for instance, with a rectangle, the angle at the corners would adjust to keep the outer inset face width the same on all four sides.

Does it not do that already ?

Show us what you want

Apply scale (Ctrl-a) and you get equal width; forget to do this - have different widths.

If you scale your mesh in edit mode, rather than object mode, this problem won’t happen.

Emm, what do You mean @@asmithey ?

asmithey, you may not know that commands in Blender have options but will happily execute with default values for those options. If you have the operator panel closed (it’s at the bottom of the toolbar) and don’t know about the F6 callup for the options (as shown in the post right above this one) you might call the command from the menu o the key shortcut and never even see the various options available!

What’s the name of that options menu with the inset settings? I’m trying to find the shortcut for it. F6 is set to Redo Last for some reason. Thanks.

The “Redo” action is SHIFT+CTRL+Z and the “Repeat Last” action is SHIFT+R

So i believe the “Redo Last” is a mistake in the naming on the Input panel, because this action is not redoing anything, in fact Redo Last is the Operator panel popup, change the F6 to another key for “Redo Last” and you will see that the new key will make the Operator panel popup, the same as F6 was doing.