Inset Tool: Measuring insets [ 2.9 ]

Blender claims it’s measuring in “cm” or “ft” yet it appears to something very different.

I can not make Heads or Tails of this. I use imperial because it’s familiar but was as having this same problem with the defaults measurements.

With a square Mesh that measures 2’ on the Z Axis and is 20’ x 20’ on the X and Y Axes, If I inset the top Face to visually match the thickness, blender tells me that the inset is .5927’ and if I type “2” in the
thickness option, I get something really crazy lookin’

What is goin’ on here ?!

Have you made sure your scale is applied? Shift+S in object mode.
I’ve seen a similar issue with the bevel modifier when scale hasn’t been applied.

Hey thanks for writing, but that doesn’t appear to be the problem. It’s something to do with the way I’m using the Tool and the fact

that it’s measuring in percentages. Percentages of what I can’t say, and it still says “ft” or “cm” in the options.

I’m pretty sure the notation is an oversight by Programmers like with the Edge Loop Tool. It also says “ft” or “cm” while measuring

in percentages.