Inside 44 mars vehicle done in blender 2.8


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Very talented work man…

(Darko Markovic) #22

Yes it is a book that has whole universe designed and explained.

Characters / Tech / Weapons / Vehicles / scenes

and it has more than 300 pages on a4

(Astro1derboy) #23

Very high-quality and outstanding work!! [Two thumbs up!]

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Welcome to BA.

Amazing model!
Concept design is kick-ass, execution is flawless. Hi-Q work!
Darmar - nema sta.

Your ArtStation page is super impressive. Instant follow :slight_smile:
Really cool to see artists of your caliber migrating to blender.

(Darko Markovic) #25

Thank you. Yes there will be scenes in Inside44. This will help tell the story easier.

(EdgeMaster) #26

Any possibility of some screenshot wires?

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Woah, nice! I really love all the detail!

(Darko Markovic) #30

thank u all!