Inside a spherical mirror

Hi, I just want to know what I will see in a spherical mirror.
Thanks for v2.79 denoising and v2.8 that can render by CPU + GPU in the same time.
I finally rendered this short animation.
Max Bounces set to 128.
I quickly found out that it is not correct, just like kaleidoscope.
So I subdivided the Ico sphere up to 18M faces:

Maybe using UV sphere is the correct way:

These 28s animations spend more than 100 hrs rendering by AMD 1700 + GTX1060.
Please let me know if I used a stupid way(even the wrong way) to approach what I want to see.
Thank you.

What I would do -> Create a cube -> Invert the normals -> Set the shading to smooth -> Add a subdivision modifier -> Add a cast modifier set to ‘Sphere’ - Add principled shader set to metallic = 1, roughness = 0 -> Set the Light Paths in render settings to Full Global Illumination.

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Thank you so much for your clear steps!

Glad I could help!