'Inside infinity' (Now with Maxwell comparison.)

WC entry.


EDIT I ran a Maxwell Render version, all be it alot slower (8hrs) you can see the infinite bounces in the reflections, whereas Blender was restricted to 10.

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y198/Sonix/th_Unusualviz01.jpg Click the thumbnail to view full size.

A couple more variations added 16/11/05:-


Explaination & screen shots can be found here:-


C&C as always please. :smiley:



Amazing renders Sonix!

Some of the patterns almost seem fractal in their appearance from the recursive reflections :slight_smile:


…and how would one go about making something like that? Please do share… (my computer teacher has been looking for something like that, and has asked me to make in blender, silly man…)

Heh the first tests did come out like fractals as that was my original intention, but I kept adding bits and bobs. In fact it wasn’t possible to tell how it was made from the first renders. The photos gave deffinition to the spheres, so it became easier to see the technique. :smiley:

I’m really happy with how the final one came out.

Thankyou my friend.


So very easy mate. Start with 4 spheres and a raytrace material with 100% raytrace & 10 recursions.

Place 3 spheres in a triangle, all on the same Z level. Then place another sphere on top of these, so you have a pyramid.

Then move the camera to view the middle of all four spheres. (In fact what is actually the space between all 4.)

Add a plane just below the 3 base spheres, make this an emitter ( after a few tests I reduced this to 0.4) add an image to the world with AngMap and another to the emmiter plane. (This gives the fire fx in the middle.)

Then add more spheres and other objects. If everything is aligned correctly to the camera (X direction) then you’ll get symetry. I mis-aligned a couple of things fractionally, to give a hint of variation.

No lamps or AO, just the emitter plane and Radiosity turned on in the render buttons. 30min @ 1600x1600 8 samples or 42mins @ 16 samples.

Hope this helps,


Amazing!! Very nice

One word: Amazing! :o

I probably would have called it ‘Kitchen Appliance from Hell’ instead :wink:
Very pretty.

Maybe its a tad anal of me to ask… But could you reneder us up a wireframe?

And, yes, I would love to know how you put that together… Skymaps from the “Big Easter Update” I assume.

Very well done.

(It was so good… It made it into my desktop wallpaper hall of fame!(It’ll stay until I find some-thing else cool))

very nice mate :smiley:

its a very classic sonix abstract, great job!

The best abstract I have seen in a long time. It feels a bit lowcontrasted though :-?

Thanks for the kind comments. For those who wanted a screen shot & wireframe you can view them here:-


A couple of new ones added to the main page.


[Kothe] I decided to go with the less contrasty one, so it was possible to see as much detail as possible. Some of the ones on the main page at my site, have more contrast.



Updated first post with a version rendered with Maxwell Render beta.


Once I reported a bug in the blender bug report forum. It was just this restriction that made it look strange. Ton said that he would make somekind of option to increase that more then 10.

Once I reported a bug in the blender bug report forum. It was just this restriction that made it look strange. Ton said that he would make somekind of option to increase that more then 10.[/quote]

That would be a great improvement if we could increase the number of bounces.

That and being able to select objects that can or can’t be reflected in raytrace materials.


Reminds me of a visualization i did in winamp, only the on in winamp was in motion. 8)

Nice work. :slight_smile:

excuse me,
where can I find a Blender to maxwell exporter?

There isn’t one, yet. You have to export from Blender in a format used by another 3D app. 3DS, DXF, OBJ etc, then import that into the 3D app and render using M~R.

The new version, the RC, will be able to import 3D format files into the stand alone M~R, so no exporter for Blender is needed. You just use Blenders model exporters.


Am I the only one that likes the Blender render better than the Maxwell one? The Blender render has a more contrast and I like the colors more.

I prefer the Blender version too, but the colours are different due to my lack of experience with Maxwell so far.

The contrast is less because I added more to the Blender one in post pro than I did to the Maxwell.

This isn’t really a true comparison as I’d need to post the original renders with no post pro.

If I can remember I’ll post up renders straight from Blender & M~R tonight.