Inside Mario's Garage

Mario Kart 8 was recently released giving me inspiration to create my first Blender project. Thoughout the process I have learnt a great deal but any improvements to be made or advice for the future would be greatly appreciated - especially those considering materials and rendering. I’d like to give a big thanks to members of this forum for very useful help with the materials! :smiley:

Project made using Blender, Cycles Render Engine and Photoshop.

Rendered on:
Macbook Pro 15"
2.3 GHz Intel Core i7

Clay renders:

Very nice, I especially like the gold material. How did you make the dust particles?

Great job, I was thinking of modelling that kart or another vehicle along with shy guy the other day.

The only thing that i can spot is that the blue lights are only activated during the anti grav sections so the wheels should be on their side. It doesnt really matter, you did a fantastic job modelling and shading.

Thanks very much! I tried two different ways of making the dust particles, one done in Photoshop adding a particle overlay and the other using the in built blender particle system. The top two renders use the overlay and the bottom is made using the in built system. It just depended on what looked better.

With Photoshop you can find a dust overlay online with a black background and set it to the blend mode of ‘screen’.

For the particle system created a cuboid and used the particle system and volume setting to fill it with icospheres with a size setting of something around 0.02 but this can change depending on the project.

Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the positive comments! I also realised that the lights were only on in the anti gravity mode while modelling, however I decided to keep it in because It looked good and made the render a little more interesting :slight_smile:

This is your first Blender project!? This is astonishing! The modeling is so great and clean! It is better than I can do, and I’ve been using Blender for several years! Have you used other 3D modeling programs before? Also, I love the gold material.

Thanks for the great comment but that line is slightly misleading. Realistically I’ve been using Blender and learning for over 6 months. However I call this my first project as it is the first time I have created a full scene and produced finished renders. I still have much to learn as I haven’t even touched the sculpting side of Blender.

As much as I’d love to, I cannot fully claim for the gold material. This forum and the members greatly helped me with guidance on materials throughout this project and so I am very grateful.

Thanks again for your kind words :slight_smile: