Inside the inventor's barn

Old Wartburg Sport powered by hi-tech engines. Created for this contest:

WOW! Love it. Super cool:D - good luck!

Beautiful, stunning composition. Congrats

Looks awesome, does this car can fly?:eek:


very cool pic

I like how you added a lot of complexity in the workbench afea. It gives a realistic and deep feel to the whole composition. Because of this, I think it’s easier for the viewer to “accept” the wholebplot you’re outlining: retro car goes ultra high tech.

Truly a great example of a beautiful artwork and ingenuity.

I like the complexity that you put into the workbench. It gives the composition a more realistic feel and makes it easier for the viewer to “accept” the whole plot of the picture: a retro car goes ultra high-tech.

This is great example of a fantastic art piece and great ingenuity.

I must admit this reminds me very much of another work with a similar idea and composition aside from that very thing else is really well done 4 stars from me.


after much googling around I found the work this reminded me of, Alejandro Burdisio

I think it would have been cooler to see more of you in this work rather than you cribbing so much from Alejandro’s work. You can clearly model, light and texture very well so it boggles my mind why the composition of this work doesn’t reflect more of your ideas.

It’s not a bad thing to take inspiration from other artists works, or even use someone else’s 2d artwork as a reference. But you should explain it and give credit. And of course ask them (which I am sure you did).
Apart from this, wow wow wow. Stunning work.
Any chance to see the wires or know more about how you made it?

Thanks for comments, I’m very glad you like it. The information about recreation of Alejandro’s work is stated inside the WIP on competition’s forum. Forgive me for not mentioning it in the first post, I was writing at a late hour and i overlooked that. Here is another pic i was inspired on. Of course by Alejandro Burdisio.

Whats the forward left reflection on the chassis? Its crippling this otherwise fantastic work.

It seems to be dirt buildup from the wipers

Top quality modeling texturing and lighting :smiley:

Here is the number 1! :yes:
5 *****

WOw thats just stunning! Almost everybody looks at other people stuff, thats natural i guess… For me you version looks nicer cause i prefer realistic views.

Well done on the mood and modeling! Love that dark shed like feeling it has.

Really nice job :slight_smile: 5*

Of Topic: In a Italian site of CG (, there is a job that a user (darkarmine) has created the same image Alejandro Burdisio. To me these exercises in style I like a lot, also because they are teaching sources. :wink: Sorry again for the OT

Great work! GOod luck man!!!

Beautiful design and composition. Even if it is inspired by Alejandro’s images, you managed to make it your own and improve on it too. Really, really great work Łukasz!

Wow… love the mood and feel! Very nice!