Inside the inventor's barn

Many details. Awesome!

Awesome :slight_smile: Enormous amount of details and great textures :slight_smile:

Wow that looks really awesome :slight_smile:

Love, the detail level and compositing.
Nice colour tone too :slight_smile:

Hey. Congrats, you get really impressive results with your render+compositing.

Excellent !!!

Nah i meant this:

Thank’s for all your comments. I’m happy that you like my work :). AdamTM: this is a reflection of metal wardrobe. It is rusted paint texture and I agree that it looks a bit messy.

Really cool job you did there, sir! Reminded me of my project “Shades of black”:

Congrats on winning the second prize at the competition. :slight_smile:

Thank you George :slight_smile:

Oh my stars, that render is gorgeous! Stunning work.

awesome work man…

my work

woow perfect

Good performance un every aspectos