Inside the wire

Hi, I wanted to change my desktop wallpaper and became with this.
I think it still needs some improvements so C&C are really welcome :slight_smile:

Ups, its 1024x768 (~400k), and is


I don’t think giving the text transparent value is adding anything to the image other then render time. I’d spread out the text in an arc from the deser spot to the left side more to fill the composition a bit better, too clustered atm. Like the colors, not too overwellming.

So this is what happens to my lost packets when I’m playing my mmo’s!! :wink:

Yeah take the transparent off the numbers/letters.

Try putting OSA on to smooth out those bumpy edges.

You need more lights it gets dark to soon. I suggest placing a light every few feet from the camera and diming it down keep doing this through the whole tunnel makeing the light dimmer each time.