hey guys,

this is my new project, a more “realistic” version of those two characters that made part of my childhood…

i used blender to make UVs and modeling the scene, and Cycles for the final render… a lot of fun with GPU render, was very quick to work on the lookdev

i used zbrush, substance painter, maya (only for retopology), and photoshop (post-production)

hope you like it

turntable of the model:


Awesome work, your base mesh is super clean! I can’t believe you’re getting such great detail on the forehead with that. Is that all coming from UVs or is there a baked high-poly mesh?

I love such kind of art style. :+1::+1::+1:

haha just saw you featured on ArtStation, congrats! :+1:

thank you! the details are displacement map from zbrush (only some small details made in substance painter was used as normal maps)

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thank you!!

hahah thank you!!

Awesome Banana Man! The cloth is awesome, is that all sculpted?

Anyways, If you ever want to switch to Blender for retopology, there’s a great addon called Retopoflow 2.0 that has some awesome features. It is a paid addon, but it’s available for free on github because the author is generous. There’s also a great video on setting up retopology in Blender by CGBoost on youtube.

damn this is good !!!

Love these guys! Such a great idea!

I featured on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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You’re #featured! :+1:

So:+1: good!

Very unique work!

Humpty / Dumpty?


Superb! Loved the breakdown and turntable.

Oh. My. God. I remember Bananas in Pajamas. I love this and I love you.

I sometimes feel just like that, great image.

This is lovely! B1 and B2 before the coffee!

Are you aware that this has been ripped off by Meme makers? I’m not sure if this is pubic or not but I found this on Facebook.

Just in case this doesn’t show, I’ve uploaded a copy of the image I found. Looks like it was made at