well seeing the thread about bed time and how people seems to go to bed relatively late, I’ve got myself thinking that smaller sleep time and insomnia might be quite present in this community (well in fact I think we had a thread about that back in the days).

Althought, I feel kind of weird when I compare my sleep time to all of my friends’ sleep time. I mean, they sleep 6-7hours and they feel like all tired as hell because they didn’t have a full night of sleep. Or when they go to bed at midnight during school time (most of them wake up around 6h-6h30) they are like “damn I went to bed late”…

on my side, my average sleep time is about 5h, and this summer it was more between 4-5hours. This is most likely really bad for my healt but most of the time, it’s not my fault. I’m just insomniac. I sometimes do some 24h without sleep on purpose because I wnat to finish working on something but I really try to not do this during school.

I’d like to know if other people here feel the same with the people who surrount them. Do you feel like you’re sleeping half the time as everybody else?

And as a fun fact, tell us what is the most time you stayed awake without sleep.

as for myself,
24h straight - as I said, are relatively commun
48h - about 2-3 time last summer
72h - did it 2times in my life
110h with 10hour of sleep splitted all over it - 1 single time…I felt like I would die.

let’s see who sleeps less :stuck_out_tongue:

i would be a freaking wreak without 6 to 8 hours a night. if i get too much sleep though it is actually worse for me in terms of being exhausted then if i didnt get enough sleep.

i also try to never nap during the day because then iam up all night. but i dont think i have ever gone a night without sleep, maybe 3 to 4 hours sleep, but i cant remember scince 5 years old not getting some sleep every night.

i usally get 6 to 8, thank god i dont have sleep problems, unless iam stressed, other then being sick, loss of sleep ruins my beauty and inner illumination! (dont hate me because iam beautiful!).

yeah, i get to sleep at about 11 to 12 every night, but it varies based on the tv shows on that night and whether i am doing something important online.

i find that no matter how much sleep i get, i am always tired when I wake up, so I just sleep however much I feel like when i feel like it. i usually sleep in till about noon on weekends, but this is vacation so i will prob wake up earlier to maximise waking time and go to bed earlier.

tonight i will probably stay up late coding, or I could go to bed, watch House (repeat that i haven’t seen), and fall asleep writing pseudocode in a notebook. More likely the latter.

i just love my bed. i am so fortunate i have a high metabolism, because with how much i sleep and eat i would be 100 lbs overweight and dead if i didn’t.


i just love my bed. i am so fortunate i have a high metabolism, because with how much i sleep and eat i would be 100 lbs overweight and dead if i didn’t.

There’s a good poll thread: How much do you weigh?

Well, I usually go to sleep before 11 o’clock.
But yesterday night (not last night) I went to sleep at 6am, and rose 6pm.

If I get less than about 5h, it becomes extremely uncomfortable to be near me! I get very irritable and am likely to snap at anyone.
Therefore, for the sake of everyone else (and so I don’t look like a convict - my face tends to fall apart as well) I try to get 6 hours or more! I don’t really have a problem with getting to sleep as long as I’m in a bed and it’s night. I can’t sleep during the day or in a seat (so the red-eye plane flights from Florida back to the UK are really fun without any sleep for an entire night!), which is a bit rubbish, but at least I can sleep normally.

The longest I did was about 36- 40 hours straight on the last day of holiday in Tunisia. We had to leave the village at 9.00pm, be at the airport at 9.30, one hour at the airport and then one and a half hour flight back to Milan, but the flight was late. :frowning: At the village, we had to leave the room at seven and stay in the hall till 01.00am. :< When we arrived home it was 7 in the morning. I didn’t even try to go to bed.

That’s ok, we hate you for other reasons :P.

Just kidding. It is for your beauty. I wish I had a pubic bush on my face too :P. Well, only if was attached to some pretty lady ;).

I’m exactly the same as you with sleep. I can’t go a day without getting a good 8 hours at least. I’ve tried it before - I figured it was just a matter of training - but I just can’t do it.

I’ve no idea how doctors and what not get by with 3-4 hours a night.

well at the beginning of my school term (in september) I tried approaching the “training” method. I wanted to see if I could get my body to live well, even after several days, with the less sleep as possible. Haha totally stupid, I agree.

I lastest 2week with 4h per night. First week and a half went without a single problem (I was quite surprised!), then it became a bit more difficult (had to force myself), and on the last day…my body just fell like a rock on my bed. Like if all the lack of sleep SLAPPED me and said “SLEEP DAMMIT!”…the change from “I can do it easely” and “I’m so fucking tired” hapenned in less than 24h…it was quite interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah. I jsut realized how much later i go to bed than my peers. I often hear people b^tching about how they’re so tired because they got to bed at 11:30. then I start to think “Holy sh^t! I’m lucky to get to bed at 12. Usually its around one or two.”
(no offense to any of these people. I just think its amazing that i thought I was getting to bed at a “normal” time)

Then again, no matter what time I get to bed, (i gave 9:30 a shot once) I’m tired as I get out of bed, then okay, then nearly dead in my first and third hour. This only goes for school days, on weekends and during the summer, so long as I get 3+ hours of sleep, I feel fine, usually great. which brings me to my next point, that school casues health problems. :wink: (actually, I remember a report that tests had shown that, naturally, teenagers should get to bed at around 3 or 4, then get up at 10-12. if you think about it, the only reason we havent done this is because of ancient fears of the night.)

i try and hit the hay at 10:30, and get up at about 6:45, so usually about 7.5-8 hrs sleeping time. i cant do with any less, but i do usually climb or walk or run after work.

oh hell, my mind won’t stop conjouring up short film ideas sometimes until 5am, my mind finally goes ‘oh, i might make you tired now’ finally i sleep.

Now i’m in a much better situation, getting up early for a run, best trick for insomnia which helps (I think i had it last 4 years, jikes long time now) go to bed only when tired, no sense going to sleep when mind awake, wont work easily, nor will your body like it, get up read a book, get the bloody millions of cool ideas onto paper or write it down, then when tired sleep.

The trick is, get up when you need to get up, with about 90 alarms, or one UBER FRIGGIN HUGE alarm =) and then, with the need to stay in the warm comfort of your bed, thinking to yourself “maybe ill just quit my job so i can sleep in one morning” sit up asap for a few minutes, then get that sunlight flaming your eyes.

You’ll be buggered for firts day or 2 i think, but then i think your mind gets the bloody idea you want some sleep! =P

Might work =)

ps. SamAdam: amen brother, high metabolism rocks, I eat so much, when i was blending full time (not this time, before when it was unemployed blending =P) my usual sleep average 9-10 hours a night, need to get back to 8 8.5. They say you die quicker with too much sleep, soul needsa a bit of a jolt back in the body most mornings from getting up >_<

Maybe sleeping in is getting that little bit closer out of your body and into somewhere…else =P If you sleep too much, maybe you’ll like it there more (as always) and decide to go early

Wasn’t that your Project Orange initiation? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s one reason why I like sleep. Anywhere but here.

One time I managed without sleep but I was in hospital and really uncomfortable because it was so hot. Also I was next to reception and even the slightest little noise keeps me awake. It’s weird because when I’m asleep, I can sleep through really loud noises. I can’t even stand to have a small ticking clock in the room. Anyway, in hospital, I never slept for probably 5 days straight. I was absolutely shattered. Yeah, I need my sleep bad.

I’m pretty sure I spend most of my conscious life trying to sleep at night. The rest of it is either spent working or napping during the day. Oh, and I gotta keep the girlfriend company too, of course. :slight_smile:

My sleep used to be really screwed up (as was I), some of my posts over the past few years provide some good evidence to that fact :wink: However, getting a good nights sleep (7-8 hours) is one of the key things that led to me being able to control my bipolar without meds. I do have a touch of DSPS (delayed sleep phase syndrome) which has probably been an underlying probem that has caused instability ever since that damn mono really screwed up my head almost nine years ago. That’s where I sleep normal, and for a normal amount of time, it’s just the phase is thrown off by five or six hours. So I won’t be able to fall asleep until 4-6am, and can’t get up until 11-1pm. Which is why I have nightmares about me getting a jury summons. I guess if I’m paying a psychiatrist $95 for 15 minutes I could probably ask for a note to get out of class though :slight_smile:

i usually go to bed at 2am and wake at 2 pm…

2am on average. Between 6 and 6.30am depending on the kids.
So 4 to 4.5 hours night.

acasto: I didn’t that DSPS had actually a name lol…well I guess I also have a touch of that…last night…couldn’t sleep untill 6ham…and slept till 1hpm…and it happens quite often :expressionless:

damn ecks, you have bgdm’s quote in your freaking signature, holy crap, you have that guy by the balls, thats really a cold thing to do to someone, haha, i really like it, haha!