another late nite whip… my nose is stuffed and i dont have any drano so i cant clear it up n get to sleep…ack… so i blend =)

what do u think? i think he needs a better pose, maybe ill do that later…
comments comments?



I am glad you joined this group. Your work is phenominal. Especially your texturing.

How many env maps i that one? I count around 14?

Keep up the great work. You are showing a lot of people what Blender can really do.


Yeah! Thats looking great! Very detailed. You could perhaps make the distance between the glasse and the head a bit less.


thanks alot!!
theres actually only one envmap…its on his chest mixed with a texture thats just an image i use to fake refelctions…all the other reflecting objects just have the fake refelction picture…its a helluva lot faster that way and i think looks better on a non raytracer…

The pose is somewhat like stopped motion. I’d see the robot resting its back against the wall : since he is plugged, it may make him look like he is fuelling up after nearing exhaustion. I know, it’s a machine, but the infaillible, omnipotent robot bores me to death.

Spledid work by the way, both modelling and texturing.

hes not fully a robot =)…its just a machinery shell… his arms and legs are cybernetic, but the chest and helmet are just plating…let me render a view of him looking backwards, and ill post it up =) u can see his flesh and rotting skin in the back of the helmet, spine, and neck/shoulders… keeblo was a fun creation to say the least… robots can be boring, but making them is fun and a huge help in learning to model cybernetic and machinery parts…

heres a view from the back… hes flashing some skin, rreeeoooww…

heres just an “i dunno” peice i just made…

like em? hate em?

Very cool. I like the skin texture a lot.

Robots are not boring! They are great. Well, I guess they can be pretty boring. But they sure are cool to look at :smiley:


For the skin he has left, getting a rash is somewhat ironic. :wink: .

The second image gives a whole new meaning to : “… just resting my eyes…”

I know that this is not necessarily helping but : I still need to get accutumed to the excellent quality of your work before I really can criticize it. If you keep this up I for one won’t miss any of it.

Awesome Lighting and Modeling. What did you do for lighting???

for keeblo himself, 2 spotlights, one on the left shining right/down(orange, really bright maybe about 5 energy, and high samples), and one on the right (green tint, about .9 energy, high samples)… the pods in the bg are lit in a seperate layer in its own, same setup though, 2 lights, orange n green, high samples, left and right shining down… there are a couple of shadow lamps too(one to cast shadow of rail on ground, and one to cast shadow of left gauntlet hole peice to make it darker inside =)

:o :o WOW :o :o

Now we can say again CJ Material!

Really nice shiny picture!


You won’t mind if I use your envmap would you?

you make us sleepless, your work is always THAT great :smiley:


that is truly great quality texturing,modelling and lighting!!
your grasp of chrome is excellent,it looks better than my method!
dof is used well too! great work hope to see more.


that reeeeeeeeeeally rules, keep it up!
You got an imagination kid.

:o Damn u good people!!

How did you make the outside of those eyes (on that eyeball picture) reflect like that?
Great work on the robot too!


maybe stick with the first pose but make him looking at the camera, maybe with a closed or more aggressive arm position. but i definately like, amazing texturing and a clean model… keep it up!


“i dream in mesh”

the eyes have an environment map, blenders standard environment map with the eyeballs object name typed in… the eye casing uses the same env map since the its center is the same as the eyeballs…

the second pose was just to show his back and hows hes not completely robotic, wasnt to replace the first =)
thanks for dem replies :stuck_out_tongue: makin me feel all toasty inside… ah im on fire! argh! ohhh…DONT spray near open flame… they have to mark these things better! ack!