inspiration from many things

It’s weird.

I wanted to finish Faith as soon as possible, and when I finished I wanted to go into the film stuff. I love that kind of art, I like to tell stories and I like to make people think, which is what makes me want to make films. The thing is it’s hard to make something you want without an editing program that costs $500+ Adobe After Affects or Final Cut Pro. But when you want to make films, it doesn’t matter what programs you have and I’ve been making some for some time now(very short skits and tests), with free ones.

Movies like Shutter Island, Matrix, Flat Line, Karate Kid (Original), maybe Paranormal Activity (the guy only used $15 000 I think to make it) are inspiring. Many of my favorite movies (not listed) are the ones where the main character dies sometime in the movie because it increases the dramatic element of the movie… Well, to me :slight_smile:

The person who really inspired me was the Angry Video Game Nerd, believe it or not, ha ha, I watched his Cinemassacre 200 video, it’s really cool how he started out, and now I think he makes a living out of what he does!

I check up on the Blender Artists forums once in a while, and it has evolved, I look in he work in progress and the games look really cool! And now I feel like starting another game project XD, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but geez, I get distracted too easily. Although I still want to make a film before I come back to Blender or programming.

We kids always like to do different things, I’m not really sure right now, but I want to try to finished a short film over the summer, before I come back, as I said before.

Anyways, have you ever had something like this happen to you?