Inspiration - What makes a nice model ?

I know, the answer is the details, the lighting and topology:yes:

For a spaceship for exemple, how can you be creative(here I’m talking about the details) ?:rolleyes:

Do you combine future of a car or another mechanic part ?

Ps: I know that with more you are modeling with more you’re beeing creative, but I wanna know if anyone can give me some tips and to other beginers

Here are 2 spaceship made by me.

here is a cool spaceship (I’m not the author)

It should make sense for the type of craft that it is. Is is a cruiser, a shuttle, is it organic based, purely mechanical.

agree with the above comment. if it is a cargo ship, it should be large with either a smooth or blocky shape, but no protrusions. if it is a passenger ship, it would be similar to a cargo ship but with lots of windows. a battle ship would have lots of pointy gun type things, or hatches where missiles come out, stuff like that.