Nothing special really, just another one of my got-bored-projects.
But I really like this one.

Idea is good but it’s easy to make something like that.

Yeah, I know, but no-one did. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really dont think that matters.

@space.warp: nice, simple, effective. The shadow being cut off from the bottom of the image annoys me a bit…how does it look with the light coming from a different angle? (so that the shadow stays in the image)

Agreed, don’t clip your shadow off, forces an end to the image which otherwise has infinate edges displayed against white. Would also be nice to see some texture to your objects. Doesn’t have to be overwhelming but suttle textures would add a lot I think.

I’d like to see you model something a bit more complex, you’ve put out a lot of good smaller objects, how bout it? :wink:

Here’s an update, didn’t notice it was cut off like that.

Here’s an second update, found a nice birch-texture.

I’ll see what I can do bout more objects.