Hello. I’m having trouble finding any inspiration at all. I dont know what to do in blender. could somebody suggest where i could find inspiration. I’d be very grateful. :expressionless:

Inspiration isn’t ‘found’, it finds you.

And as for where to get it, heck, if it could be easily ‘found’, it’d be sold on store shelves.

I have never met anyone who has been able to say where inspiration comes from. It can be anything.

YOu might see something walking down the street. You might hear a word which sparks a cascade of thought. You might smell a scent.

I doubt you’ll get any kind of definitive answer to your question, but good luck. :wink:

:o well, yeah. now it seems so stupid that i even asked it :smiley: %|

hehe. No harm done. No harm in asking either. It was just one of those questions that makes you cringe and giggle at the same time.


when im stuck trying to find inspriration , go to somplace where you say to yourself , i swear a monkey could do that job , then look around at the objects that people use most people think anyone can deep fry a turkey , just imagine trying to deep fry a turkey in 3d , make the pot , turkey , table , silverwear, scetch all of it even dumb things , dents in the pan , the way oil looks when people use a fry machine ,

hell one of my wip’s is of common household objects ( small joke if you know what post)

i had my best inspiration for a robot , when my friends took apart a washing machine and a refridgerator , ( they wanted to make a biiiiiig daquri blender) they used the huuuuge strainer and motors from the washing machine lined it with copper pipes and pumped it with the fridge parts

the robot i came up with had a turbine on his shoulder to quickly loose heat , and a turbine on the hand to freeze objects as it held them ( the overclockers assistant )

you want some inspiration?

go there:

Hope it inspires,

How about (a) monkey(s) doing someone’s job? That’d be hillarious! (Especially if they’re seriously doing something particularly delicate, like preparing to demolish a building downtown, or working on underground utilities all dug up and causing gridlock on Main Street, etc. (Or, if you’re particularly morbid, doing brain surgery or something?)