My question of the day is, what do you do for inspiration? Is there something you do differently for a still than you do for an animation? Where do you get your ideas?

i get inspiration but run out of perspiration.

ok, that was a little obscure reference to Edison’s “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” quote. meaning, I get lots of ideas, but the time and patience to follow through and complete a model…rare for me.

live life and pay attention to your surroundings, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of inspiration for your work.

Images and concepts just pop into my head sometimes. That’s all there is to it.

Sometimes I’m also inspired by what I call “mistaken inspiration.” This often takes the form of seeing a thumbnail image, misinterpreting it, then upon seeing the full-size image, I realize that what I thought the thumbnail showed was different than what the picture showed. However, sometimes what I thought I saw is still interesting, so I claim my mistake as my own and use it myself. Is that stealing?

Well, Think you always heve a little idea of what you want to make?
Lets say you want to make a seen with some strange looking trees. And cant realy get it “on paper”. What works for me in this cases, is 2 things:

  • Or I go to a real forest and take pics. Or beter, make some fast draings.

  • Or I go to a place outside where I am (almost) sure of, not to find trees (the beach) just walk a litle. Sit. And look around. Strange trees, I can find that way (in my mind). Maybe this works for you (gif it a try).

    Greetings, Linusbtu