Inspirational Corner (Videos and Pictures of exceptional arts)

I’ve been going through a huge artistic/creativity block and are having difficulties trying to put my design and ideas down on paper (or on screen :slight_smile: ) and I’ve recently seen some pretty good clips and whatnot which have helped me somewhat with motivation to learn blender3d some more than usual.

I plans to edit and updates the lists below every 10 or so additions. I ask that you add a short description to each links if possible so I can have a easier time to organize the list and to let other members knows exactly what to expect. Currently there will be 2 main group of list which is Video and Pictures and within each list there will be several sub-category such as Technical Simulation, Video Games, Personal Arts, Minimalistic Arts, and Misc. (will add more sub-category with members suggestions).

Yes I’m well aware ot the gallery forum but this thread was created to include arts from outside this community.

P.S. I’m gonna add links tomorrow cause it is getting a little too late for me and I have a early workday tomorrow :frowning: so please go ahead and post links and descriptions so tomm I could include them in the listing :slight_smile: good night y’all

(Oh when you post links for pictures, please don’t use the [img] tag so to make it easier for the dail-up user (like Wu-Man :stuck_out_tongue: )to use this thread without maxing out their bandwidth)