Inspired by "Amazing Creations" Contest

You may have heard of the recent NVart contest ‘Amazing Creations’ over at CGtalk. I wasn’t able to enter, but here’s something I did inspired by the idea of the contest.

Wow excellent job man! I’d love to see how you set that up. Feels very ethereal and changing, yet solid too.

nice use of light and materials :slight_smile:

Crititrozoz: Thanks :slight_smile: Let’s just say it involves a lot of polygons, sculpting, and nodes.:wink:

Mmph!: Thanks to you as well.

Thats really cool, great use of displacement. Shame that DoF blurs the foreground too. Maybe a composite version of the DoF.

Thanks, though I didn’t actually use displacement. And I don’t want to sound like I’m just disagreeing with everything you’re saying, but about DOF, I actually wanted to blur the foreground. Since the amount of small details gives it a sense of large scale IMO, and I want it to look kind of microscopic at the same time, I thought DOF would accomplish that (as well as giving it a surreal effect).
The whole scene comes in at about 3 million verts, btw, for the record. I love multires;)

Man, the winning entry was so sick…I just stared at it for hours…

Nice shader.

Yes, 'twas indeed. What I don’t like about it is that it was ‘generated’. Which makes it seem more like the computer’s creation than that of the artist…

True, But the lighting/post pro was still very well done(it seems simple in retrospect, but coming up with all those steps to bring it to the final creation?).

I gotta grab a copy of that software…

What I was refering to was the blur on the backside of the foreground elements where they meet the very blury background. The usual DoF problem, but cool in this work. So did you model all the detail, in sculpt?