inspired by blender, done in sculptris & photoshop

im still trying to learn blender better and will. this is a sculpt i started in sculptris and moved into photo shop to paint, till i learn retoppo better in blender. its not finished but feel free to make fun of it. its my first work in computer graphics.


For a first graphic work it’s very good !

That’s an interesting technique you used, mixing the 3D model with more traditional (digital) pencilling on your photoshop, i’ll have to try this one day, the result is promising on your work.

Something that you may find usefull when using both 3D and 2D applications :

When you are in Sculptris Paint Mode
Rotate your model to face an angle you want, you’ll see later why and click on “Export as PSD”

Keep Sculptris open, do not touch the model anymore.
I use GIMP, but the process is the same for Photoshop, load this PSD picture you just saved in it

In your Layer tab, you should see a list of layers :

Delete the layer named “Bump” you will not need it.

Select the lLayer named “Paint” and paint or paste pictures or anything you want in this layer, by example here i used a photo i deformed trying to fit the silhouette of the PSD

Save this as a new PSD and in Sculptris click on Import PSD

And you should obtain in Sculptris the work you did in your photoshop projected on the model.

The quality will depend a lot on the size of the texture you assigned Sculptris to work with (when you move a model into Paint Mode you’re asked to select between 512 , 1024 or 2048 , the bigger means the visual quality on the texture will be better, as it will allow more fine detailling, but in the same time, more demanding on the ressource too).
On this example it was a 512 sided texture, so the detail are a bit blurry.

It’s important to NOT have rotated or zoomed the view before importing the PSD file, or you’ll lose the precision of the projection.

It’s a very good function in Sculptris Paint mode, as it allow you to use your powerfull image editor to work in deeper connection with Sculptris.
And nothing prevent you to do this multiple time, by example when you have several different photos or other piece of picture you want to project from different angle, it should be usefull.

Congrats on a good start in this awesome field (CG). One crit on your figure is that the forehead seems a bit low. The eyes are at about the middle of the head.

Sanctuary;Thank you for the tips and the encouragement. your work is outstanding, all the artists on this site are awesome!

thanks Christina, im woking on learning proportions & anatomy better. thank you so much for your much valued crit.