Inspired by Huxley

When I started it was going to be the inventor boy, but it turned out to be the girl instead. :slight_smile:

(hair and eyebrows are just temporary for this render)

Improved the size ration between the head and the body and testing hair physics:

Most of the body done.

Just the ears and the feet left. (shudder)

“When I started it was going to be the inventor boy, but it turned out to be the girl instead. :)”
Please don’t attempt to circumcise anyone.

Circumcise? I feel like dr. Frankenstein… I can still make a boy out of this mesh. :slight_smile:

What would you call that? Reversed circumcision?

Very expensive surgury:evilgrin:


Not quite happy with the clavicle area. It looks like a caffeine intoxicated spider has been at work.

the game huxley? hair looks very nice.

Thanks Pork! No, Huxley who asked for blender artists to animate his script in another thread here in WIP.

Ears! And I changed her face so it wouldn’t be as flat. Had quite some trouble to make it somewhat good looking again.

Put some twist in her arms. The edges were straight before.


Quick test to make other characters out of the mesh. It doesn’t really suit well for beefy characters. I’ll need to change the topology a bit for that.

Trying out different hats

Added materials to the hats. I’m rather pleased with the bowler hat and the top hat is ok.

Yay, a nekkid old man with a top hat!

Trying out lighting.

Beginning to look like a suit.

where the hell did winston churchhill come from?! check the pectorials of all models. They are disproportioned

It’s not Winston, but I admit that they are strikingly similar. :slight_smile: Not intentionally though.

Thanks for the tip about the chest muscles! You’re right, the are too low.

Quick texture test

The texture is made with the mosaic filter in Gimp.