inspired by summerstorm

A few weeks ago a tree in our garden got completely chopped of by the storm.
When I saw it I got this vision of trees going to their Walhalla
moddeled and rendered in blender.
used the fiberscript for the grass and L-system for some of the roots.
postpro in photoshop.

I really like the mood you acheived here. Excellent lighting.

The trees could use some more detail and some variation. You can tell they are identical. But that is all I can see that would need a change/enhancement.



Post a wallpaper version, I want this on my desktop, really!

I guess my only crit is that the trees’ foilage (is that the word?) isn’t as photo as it could. Other than that great concept and remarkably done.


word. wallpaper plz.

Tossing my sig on the wallpaper petition!

This pic makes me say Ooooooo :slight_smile:

wow, thanks for the positive response :slight_smile:
I am working on a bigger render as we speak, but it will take a while 'til it’s done.

If it’s finnished I will post a 1280*1024 wallpaper.

as for the crits:
I know about the trees. They just havent ot that organis touch.
i would like to make them more transparent and the leaves a little more defined.
But that wil be for another time, it’s already rendering now.

thanks again people :smiley:

Great work! The light and sky is beautiful. Looks almost like it was painted.


ok, here’s a link to a bigger (wallpaper sized ) version

nice. the roots are a bit to unrandom, though.

yeaaaaah i walpapered it !!!
and it looks great !!!

thx man :slight_smile:

Great !!
A Larger shot would be greater !

How many time to render it ?

Why not some faeries to lead the trees ? As the valkyries lead the warriors to the valhalla :slight_smile: Some halos around too :wink:
Thats just some ideas like this !

Like this pic anyway.


that is really nice in a psycodalic way.

nice work!


simply beautiful!


'nuff said.

great idea!

Great work!

Nice, like it a lot!


They need halos! :stuck_out_tongue: Nicely done.