inspired by summerstorm

yeah it is a very nice pictuer… only the roots could do with a bit more work … otherwise I like it alot.!


ziet er puik uit!

I love the mood, good job!


thanks people, ( jij ook md01 :wink: ).
I am working on something different now. But I will most defenitely work some more on this one. Like I said before, i am still not happy with the leaves, and like some people said the roots could need some more attention.
My main goal with this one, was to create an atmosphere that most accurately depicted my feelings.

I want to be able to make proper volumetric clouds, then I’ll make a bigger scene including the fairies that accompany the trees upward to walhallla.

thanks again people for the comments, it means a lot to me.

Very well done! I love the colors and the lightning the most.


Wow. I’m impressed. I like it a lot. How pp’ed is it?

i added some glow in photshop. thats it.
The glow and fog are made by duplicating the image to another layer and then blurring it and adding it as soft light or overlay.

I have another version where I’v split a duplicate of the picture in 3 colorchannels and offset them.
So that you have a very subtle color shift in the fog.

thats about the PP it got.

beautiful work… keep it up man. :slight_smile: