Inspired from Kingdom of heaven & Spartans

I just tried to achieve some cinematic shots Inspired from Kingdom of heaven & Spartans
Video Link:

Assets are used from Kitbash3D and Sketchfab
Rig from

Blender 2.92, cycle render
Total render time: 15hr approx.

Please leave your valuable comments…


Looks really great! I especially like the scale of the environment, seeing how small the spartan is at the start of the video, compared to the size of the city is a cool feeling! One thing that might help the render would be a slightly more interesting sky, as well as maybe a few props around the main area of the scene to help make it feel a bit more lived in. I think the birds are a nice touch as well, and the render quality is great!

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Thankyou for your valuable feedback.

Lovely architecture

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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