inspired work

wholla people, check out my latest work:
This was inspired by our national animal here in the philippines, which is the “carabao”
say what you have to say…

That’s great, that really is. That’s such a great, cartoony, light sort of character. It has a lot of personality to it, too.

You know, the only thing I can think of is that it’s muzzle material seems to be the same as the hooves, maybe you could make it a bit more matte and soft. Even that’s not really necessary, though. All-in-all, that’s cool. It’d be great to see it animated.

Just glad to see a Filipina blender artist…i’m sure there’s more out there…

I love the eyes and the overall face expression. Looks like the over-eager friend that everyone has had at some point. :slight_smile: The horn texture works, but is that procedural and not UV mapped? UV texture of the same sort of thing would give it a bit more life and a little less ‘cg model’. I agree that animating the character would open up some cool possibilities, particularly if he (I’m guessing from horns and no udder, my caraboo knowledge is pretty limited) had a mopey sidekick buddy that was far less ‘enthusiastic’ looking. Is there a reason he’s indoors? Doesn’t matter, just curious.

looks bad ass, wouldnt wanna meet him down a dark ally.

galing mo mag model!! sana ganyan din ako mag model…sculpt mode yan?? astig ka!!!

wow, that’s just fantastic, kabayan! I love the model. Though we know working on the lights will make it better. :slight_smile:


Cool, but they look like shoes not hooves.

I think its meant like that, I mean come on how many animals looking similar to a cow are standing on two legs anyway?