instaling sripts on a mac


Im fairly new to blender and am trying to instal a script called Fiber 2.03 .
so i made a folder blender/plugins/scripts and put the 3 things fiber needs to run in it(,, next I open blender and went to file paths in the user prefrences window and changed “python:” to point to the sme place.

Then I opend the scripts window and clicked scripts -> Update Menus .
Next I looked under srcipts -> mesh to see if Fiber was there and it was not:(.

If any body would tell me why its not working that would be great.


Wish I could help. Installing Python scripts for Blender on a Mac is a giant mystery to me as well. Let me know if you get it figured out.

OK, I have found the answer!

There are 2 things you need to do:

  1. Download and install a free third-party utility called TinkerTool. Launch it and check the option to “Show hidden and system files”.

  2. Right click (or Ctrl+click if you’re ghetto) your Blender application, and from the menu that pops up, select “Show Package Contents”. Another Finder window will pop up.
    Within it, go here: Contents > Mac OS > .blender > scripts
    Put your .py files in here. It is a good idea to make an alias of the scripts folder and store it somewhere more accessible.

NOTE Be careful when installing a newer version of Blender that you back up your scripts folder first. I believe it overwrites the folder, so you would lose the scripts you’ve collected.


Thanks for The Help!

Blue Eagle

or just use the terminal as described here:

The default Location for Blender Scripts on mac is the same as in Linux

<your home dir>/.blender/scripts

that is where all userspace scripts should go. It’s a goood choice to have the pre-installed Plugins seperated from those of the User.

Scripts Location for the all Users is:

You can either follow the above directions to make the .blender dir visible in the finder, that will enable the display of all the hidden files, which can be irritating. Or you open up a terminal (Utilities/ and:

>ln -s .blender/scripts blenderscripts

This will create a visible softlink (alias/shortcut) to the scripts directory (you may use any name for “blenderscripts”, but don’t start with a . dot, which will hide the link also)

Hi - I’m running Panther, with Blender 2.46. I’ve done the above and the scripts STILL don’t show up in the menu - is there something else I could be missing?

In your script window, click on Scripts > Update Menus, it could help, or restart blender.

Try refreshing the path and also see: