Install 2.8

I’m updating to 2.8 and I’ve downloaded the files. I found Blender.exe, but I need to know what file to click in this zipped folder to install Blender on my pc permanently.

The beta or nightly builds don’t have an installer. The Release is when the Installers get built.
I go to folder: blender-2.80-version-win64\2.80 and add a folder called “config” which makes the build local and just run from the desktop.

there is no installer yet, just simple archive that have all files in it, unzip it anywhere you want…

You mean it’s a demo all this time. No wonder I tried shading UV sphere with the textures and material then it end up exiting itself automatically. smh

I think I’mma stick to 2.79b for now. It haven’t fail me for the last few months.

No it isn’t a demo. What you get when downloading blender 2.8 is exactly the same as if you decided to download blender as a .zip instead of downloading the installer.

2.80 hasn’t been released yet, and we’re in the throes of the last major functionality changes and major fixes so it’s changing substantially every day (and is perhaps more likely to be unstable on any particular day right now). So you don’t want to install anything “permanently” as anything you download is almost immediately going to be out of date :slight_smile:

So (for Windows) you just unzip the download into any convenient location, and run the blender.exe file inside it. As Meta-Androcto suggested, something that can be convenient is to create a local “config” directory inside the 2.80 folder inside the install directory so this particular version of Blender will keep its config files separate from any other versions you have installed. But if you have a lot of add-ons or custom preference settings then it may be less convenient.

Downloading the latest 2.80 build every day will keep you up to date with the latest changes and fixes, but save at least the .zip files from previous downloads in case the daily build happens to be broken on a particular day.

Once there’s an official release of 2.80 in a couple months, then there will be signed MSI installers for Windows. These are required in some Windows environments that have higher security settings that prevent running code from other than the official software installation locations, but most users can use the Beta ZIP builds without issue.

latest linux build last updated on 30.04.2019, where is used to build everyday. is it stopped now ? any news.

The buildbot’s worker machines seem to go down rather frequently and it often takes a few days before someone notices and/or gets around to resolving the issue. Right now ALL of them are down:

Usually the solution is just to wait until it gets fixed, but it’s also fun to setup your machine to build Blender from source. Then you don’t even need to wait for the next day to get the latest changes.

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@Mikequeen123 Thank goodness.

@Meta-Androcto Could you be kind enough to show us how you do it by presenting screenshots of your process?

Simply unpack the archive you downloaded from and open the folder called 2.80 in there. Then create a new folder called “config”. That’s it.
Go back one level and start blender.

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I re-downloaded and reinstalled blender 2.8 again but this time without using antivirus aka McAfee turn on. The only reason why 2.8 version crashed in my PC was because antivirus deleted some of the files that I downloaded from That’s the root of the problem so I fixed it. TA-DA!!

Here’s the snapshot of newer interface. This time the icons have colors than before. Last time I installed didn’t have colors instead they’re black & white plus each time I add materials and textures my PC goes hella slow and jetlag.

Cycle render works wonderfully without crashing

Yes, the colored icons are new in the last few days. Blender UI is changing at a furious rate right now as the devs try to get in all the high priority changes by the end of this week. Expect maybe a bit more exciting changes and a bit more associated instability right now in 2.80 beta.

Materials performance might be a new issue so if you can characterize and reproduce it, pleas use the report a bug option in the help menu to let them know about it, or describe more what you’re seeing here and some of us can take a look at it.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll use the bug report.