Install and run blender 100% from usb-stick?

Hei Guys.

I could not find any post like this one so I do it myself and hope to get some useful help from you folks :slight_smile:
I would like to install and run blender on a usb-stick - is that possible?

Greets Björn

Yes you can.

Cool! thanks for the quick answer! what about any render plugins like sunflow? I want to work with some hdri environment.

Yes, you can!
I’ve tried to do this, but simulation (cloth, fluid and even particles) was sooooo low, because blender tried to save tmp’s on flash drive, but it’s speed was not enough comparing to hdd.
Maybe it was just because of hardware configuration (I don’t remember was it usb1.1 or 2.0). But Modelling and texturing worked OK.

Gimp works fine too, except startup time.

Try this!

You’ll have to search the forum for the guy that has built Blender for this.