install blender from the terminal

Ad suggested by ? - I initiated a install of blender from the terminal and got an error:
Setting up blender (2.45-4ubuntu1) …

Processing triggers for libc6 …
ldconfig deferred processing now taking place
what is the next command for the install?

and the error is?! :slight_smile:
Probably you’re a bit confused…unless you are quite experienced with Linux administration, don’t use the terminal to install packages ( well, it’s quite simple, when you know, of course), use the “add packages/software” utility!
To install Blender ( the one in the Ubuntu repositories) you should type in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install blender ( you must enter your password)
if there’s no error messages, type blender and here’s the wonder!

I did that also, but that is 2.43…

(Sorry for hijacking, maybe you need this anwer also.) How to install Blender from a package? I’ve no internet on Ubuntu(USB-adapter¬¬).

Hello again
me too I have a wifi USB card, but it works…you should search the net for a driver or it’s just a matter of configuration?!
To install a recent Blender version…it’s quite easy too
Download it ( from the Blender site for ex.)
Then extract it ( it’ll be automatic probably) from the archive in your home directory/folder
You’ll get a "blender-2.46XXXXXX) directory
Now open a terminal, type cd b and press TAB key ( to get all the name without tipping, and to change to the blender directory) and then enter key
Now type ./blender