install confusion

Running Win8.1 64 - I’ve uninstalled blender via Programs and Features. As well hunted out and left over files and folders. Then restarted, downloaded the blender installer for win64. Ran the installer from J: drive. Blender install onto C: It put an icon on the desktop, I lunches and runs. BUT

I don’t have a Blender Foundation under C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming. There is a Blender Foundation under Program Files. With my old install there was a Blender Foundation under C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\ with all the support folders.

Any idea why this is different?

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I’d love to help but, like a few of those viewers, I have a linux machine and have never heard of a ‘Blender Foundation’ folder in the installation. I checked.

I’m not being rude, just pointing out that there are reasons for views without comments from people who really would like to help.

Oh, thanks. Just venting. I’ve posted question here at blenderartists and never get a response. sorry I’ll go away now:(

no idea, but if you go to Help menu > Save System Info it will generate a report with lots information on the build and the installation, including all the paths… maybe that can help

Site is old and has robots everywhere hence instant views.

I only used the installer like once. I just use the zipped method now. Anyway it might be under C:\users\public\appdata? I was setting up my new Wacom tablet and when I coudn’t find my programs, I realized it was installed under “public”. If you didn’t know, you can create a folder named “config” in the main blender folder(I’ll have to check) in program files. It will place everything there instead of appdata folder. You have to do this before you open blender for the first time.

run the blender and
File > User preferences (Ctrl Alt U) > Save User Settings
File > Save Startup File (Ctrl U) > OK
can you check it ?

thanks all, I’ve had some success but also screwed my self. Ozgur, Yes I love that blender feature and that’s what breaks my blender. So if I run blender out of the box and quite, all is good. If I customize and CtrlAltU, quit and restart BAM blenders start up is corrupted and I have to remove it to restart blender. So I think I’ll reinstall but RUN msi as ADMIN. again thanks for helping, I LOVE BLENDER, but at the moment we are not on talking terms.

never had this problem. try a ZIP variety of your version, or a previous version.

I’m sorry to read this … But honestly, do not take it that way…Here is a lot of answers…Have a little patience…And maybe You’ll be lucky.

Wish You a great New Year…And a Big Cheers…Puff Puff

I’m a Noob…I never install program there do not need to be installed…Blender do not need to be installed , just run it from the .Exe file…And it Run fine…And The first time blender starts, the libraries you are missing will be created.

Sorry don’t know why You don’t have these folder when You install Blender…Could You try to install a addon to see if they will be made…?

Anyway if You want them just run a unzipped Blend.exe…:slight_smile:

Hope You get it solved…Another Big Cheers to You and All others Happy Blender Head’s…Don’t Worry Be Happy…Puff Puff


Ok to recap. I had problems installing an addon (I will not mention the addon because it was my fault not the addon). So my main issue was blender would not open if I saved Ctrl+U a second screen to multiple monitors. I have 3 monitors and I would Shit Click on the blender slide out new screen to get a new independent blender window and drag that over to a monitor. Then I would Ctrl+U to save that window to that screen. That act would write to the C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\config\startup.blend file and the next time I opened blender BAM blender would not open. I would have to delete the startup.blend file to open blender.

So the fix came down to. I update video drivers before install said addon. So I rolled back the video drivers and BAM I can now save (Ctrl+U) multiple screens and open blender. OH THAT WAS FUN.

Thanks all for your input