Install Cygwin Packages after Initial Installation

The subject pretty much summarizes the issue: I have already installed Cygwin, and now I would like to add more packages (namley ssh, and ssh-server) to Cygwin. My investigations using thisnifty website (haha) only seem to turn up how to add “extra” packages during the initial install of Cygwin - which I saw, but I just didn’t get all of the packages I wanted.

So I am looking for a method of installing extra packages into Cygwin after I have already installed it (Cygwin). Is it possible to re-run the “setup.exe” and get it to overlay more packages on top of the original install? Thanks!

Yes, just run the setup.exe and select the new packages you want. Any you already have will be marked.


Great! thanks a lot! Now all I have to do is find ssh…

Edit: Seems to be under “net”

I use the openssh package.