Install from source on Fedora 1

I want to have a working blendergame player (ver 2.34), so I figured if I compiled Blender from source, it would be in there somewhere.

I am a more than a little phased by the list of requirements, still going through them. One I see is GLUT and Fedora (RedHat in general) has an issue with that for some reason.

Does anyone here have experience with Fedora 1 + Blender source ?

All of te software packages mentioned have RPMs listed on pbone, etc… so you can just install the binaries without having to install them from source.

You will need scons to build it, be careful of the version that you install, since some versions have missing python functionality which stops the build from working.

I managed to build it from source however the sound dosent work (that wasnt a problem since i am intrested in rendering and not modelling however this might pose a bit of a problem to you).

write back to tell me how you got on

Kind Regards
Simon Harvey

Simon, thanks.
It’ll take me a while to fetch all the dependant packages as I am on a modem connection that is limited to certain hours.

Should I try going with freeGlut instead of Glut? I hear it’s the way to go.

I have no idea what scons is! And I won’t even make any jam and cream jokes :slight_smile:

I will keep trying, let’s see how far I get - right now, I have fetched the latest CVS build which had the blenderplayer and so I am content - but I can see how addictive it can be riding on the edge of the feature wave-front!