Install Luxrender in Ubuntu?

Hi guys. I just watched the new tutorial over at Blenderguru.
Andrew was showing how to use Luxrender instead of Blender internal. I looked around for a ppa or a deb package for Luxrender but haven’t found anything. Anyone know how to install the .tar.bz2 package provided at the Luxrender site in Ubuntu 10.04?


Detailed instructions and other tutorials in the Luxrender’s wiki:

Maybe you’ll need to right click on the luxrender binary, go to properties, permissions and check “allow executing file as program”.


it’s very much like windows.
you decompress the folder and put it somewhere convenient.
then, right-click on “luxrender” and open properties.
go to the permissions tab, make sure “allow executing file as program” is enabled.
go to your .blender folder (in my case, /home/(username)/.blender/scripts/blender ) and paste the luxrender export script there.

start blender 2.49, make a scripts window, refresh the scripts list, run the luxrender script, set the path to the binary, and then have fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I didn’t even think to set as executable even though I just did that a little while ago for some other application. XO

I’m fond of the time when Linux was used only by techgeeks, not human beings…

Linux is still for techgeeks.

well, every techgeek had to start somewhere…

Isn’t luxrender in the repositories?