install problem (2.42) on mac os 10.4.8

I want to prepare a 3D “sculpture”, imported as a dxf-file in Blender for rapid prototyping, therefore I wished to define the size of my 3D Object in Blender (Blender Units into meter). I found BMAE v.1.1, but it didnt work. So I decided to update Blender (i was working with 2.41). But after downloading Blender 2.42, Blender was not openig any more on my PowerBook G4 (MacOS 10.4.8).
Does anyone know what to do?
Thanks for help!

Go to and get the November 2006 (halloween) build and install. Blender 2.42a and OSX have had some issues. Especially with import scripts for whatever reason. I’m on an older 1Ghz Titanium Powerbook G4 and the november 2k6 release for PPC seemed to fix all the problems.

sorry, I forgot to install python, I thought it was installed when I migrated my programms from my old computer.