Install Transmagic Demo - Get Sued?

I’m not an active user here, but I have no choice but to post this.

There is a conversion program online you can get called Transmagic. Their demo is freely available, and you can install it today.

Unfortunately, there are allegations that the program comes with a secret DRM application that you cannot uninstall. It scowers your computer for information and reports back to base.

Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s wrong with that? They all do it.” And you’re right. Autodesk does almost the same thing to their demo software. The difference is it actually leaves with the program when you uninstall it.

And they don’t do this:

The suit alleges after Miguel Pimentel, a Boston-area architect, installed and then deleted Transmagic, Sheriff remained on his computer, and that it scoured his computer for his personal details, then phoned home to a copyright shakedown company called ITCA (IT Compliance Association), and that subsequently, a rep from ITCA called Pimentel and accused him of pirating Transmagic. The ITCA rep demanded an immediate $10,000 license fee payment, and threatened a $150,000 copyright lawsuit if he didn’t cough up.

So unless you want to get sued, do yourself a favor - find another 3d model converter.

Can’t the guy basically sue them for trying to sue him though?

Surely if he didn’t actually pirate the software they have no right whatsoever to demand any sort of payment from him.

Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s wrong with that? They all do it.” And you’re right.

…hmm, “most” programs don’t do this… but…

For anyone who is paranoid, I would recommend doing at least one of 3 things:
a) Run all your programs in a sandbox.
b) Run your operating system in an emulator (like VMWare)
c) Use Linux and Wine

Well don’t pirate software. Simple.

Adobe doesn’t care for all I know they make it so easy to pirate the software. I mean come on you can download he entire full fictional software for free. And there you need a keygen

There’s a difference between “not caring” and “not being a jerk”.
Companies that spend more on copyright protection than on development -> jerks
Companies that jump to litigation at the drop of a hat -> Jerks
Companies that use litigation as a source of income -> superjerks

cool story. Got any evidence to support it

Evidence to support what? My opinion? There was no specific accusation against any specific company, so no evidence needed. I was attempting to point out that Adobe is not saying they don’t care about piracy just because they don’t go overboard wasting resources on DRM, dongles, and lawsuits which in the end do nothing but annoy paying customers.

I’m with Milkshaw, wtf? Asking if somebody has evidence to support an oppinoin is (literally) asking for their entire life.

Adobe does care about Piracy, but they don’t use it for income. They get rid of Piracy by giving out their software free, and getting the people who use that free software into a train of thought that means that they only want Autodesk and nothing else.

I honestly think that Larmannjan is a troll…

Such secret software is just malware. If you already know a Demo comes with it, just do not download the Demo.

For any other demos I strongly recommend (similar to C-106 Delta’s suggestion):
run it in a sandbox (e.g. sandboxie) or virtual maschine.


  • you can see what files are manipulated (incl. registry keys)
  • you can see if it really installed what it promised or if there are some unwanted surprises installed too
  • very easy to uninstall without any traces to the host system

Another hint:

  • Before installing/running disconnect from internet. This should disable any malware/spyware from contacting it’s server.
  • After running simply deinstall it by cleaning the sandbox/VM
  • You can use the deinstall too, just to see what is left :wink:

BTW. A fileconverter that needs to be online is not really trustable, isn’t it?


I’m with Milkshaw, he was calling people jerks, I mean you can’t really prove or disprove if someone is a “jerk” except by what the general concensus is. I also happen to agree with his point, there are companies out there which rely on suing people for their income, and anyone who tries to defend them saying “They are a company, their job is to make money” is being ridiuclous (I’ve heard that one a lot) because terrorizing people with the law for profit isn’t really making money as it is extortion.