I’m brand-spanking-newb to this whole thing.
I installed Blender, but when I click on the app it says it cannot load because MSCVR71,dll was not found. I have uninstalled and re-downloaded, unzipped and everything I know how to do, but it still won’t work.

MSCVR71,dll should come with windows xp…

Are you on windows 98 or windows ME?

If you have windows XP go to the automatic updates, and make sure you have all the service packs installed.

THANKS, I’ve got XP, and they’re installing right now.

Well, actually, I just finished installing those 43 updates and I still have the same problem.

Search C:\Windows\System32 for “msvcr71.dll”, assuming it isn’t present here’s a Copy of it to place there.


Try rebooting,
if still not
That may be part of .NET or the C++ packages from Micro$oft too.

(I would just grab the DLL Nigholith posted)

umm…well I must be a major noob…but how do I get that link to work?

Normally you’d just click it, but that accounts for it working. Try it now.

I was wondering what was wrong, when clicking, double clicking, and right clicking didn’t work.
But now it’s running smoothly

So how’s it coming along mate? Is Blender working now?

It is running smoothly. However, I am so far pretty lost. I’ll be poking around seeing what I can figure out and then hitting some tutorials.