Just installed blender, but when I open it, I get another pop up window with code in it? When I close it, it closes Blender also. Does this need to be open constantly, or is it only popping up because I need to install plug ins etc???

Screen Shot

it has to be there, i dont know why. it just dose. it sometimes shows coded info on what your doing. i guess if your a hardcore computer nerd you might be able to find use for it. just minimize and ignore it, thats what i do. :yes:

ok. i learnt some Python years ago! forgot a lot of it now!

Actually that Window is useful sometimes - especially when it tells you what’s going wrong (like during rendering or something), it gives you informations when you run a script and it tells you anything you need to know when you render with Yafray. There are requests to hide that window and have only one Blender window but for now, you’ll have to live with it.

Install Phyton - in dark window will be the string “ALL OK, heppy to work”
By the way - without Phiton will not work export and more more…