Installation Package Creator?

I want to make an installation package (for use later on), for my game. The game is a commercial game, and so I want the installer to have to accept a random string that the user would receive by e-mail. It should also create a desktop and start menu shortcut, and work for Mac as well. I don’t want to pay for any program because this is my first game and I do not know if I could make a profit.

Oh dear, another person corrupted by the idea that a unique game ‘key’ makes things secure.

And quite frankly, here’s the software you need to create an installer.

In my opinion, InstallShield is the definitive install engine used by many large corporations and big development houses. Power users can greatly appreciate the level of control InstallShield gives developers for generating professional looking and efficient EXE and MSI installation packages. For smaller developers however, InstallShield can be a bit intimidating, both in its super attention to detail and its high price tag of $650.