Installation problem

:expressionless: I feel dumb asking this question but i cant seem to get blender to work on my computer at all. I downloaded the file from the blender3d site and somehow i also found blender creator 2.23 and I clicked on the exe file and it installs the files but when i open blender the screen is blurry and just gets blurrier every time i click in the workspace. I know in other programs it has to do with the lisence key but i cant even get that to work. I know it probably has a simple solution but its just annoying me. Please reply!

I’m positive at 90% that it is your Graphic card.

You incidentally forgot to mention your Operating System, but I think that a nice update of the graphic card drivers could solve the problem.

Blender is a heavily OpenGL app, and OpenGL must work :slight_smile:


Also set your cards anti-aliasing to “let program decide”, seems to be number one culprit for this problem.